Personal Injury Attorney Bellevue Washington

The state of Washington like any other state in the United States of America has accidents that can happen unexpectedly. But, should you find yourself involved in an accident in Bellevue, WA, causing you bodily harm due to someone else’s negligence, consider consulting with the Bellevue/Kirkland accident and personal injury law firm of Sean B Malcolm. Malcolm Law Firm PLLC is ready to fight for the rights of the injured and seek the maximum compensation the law allows. Sean Malcolm is a trial lawyer that can provide experienced and effective Bellevue personal injury representation. Should you or someone you care about been involved in any kind of accident causing anguish and bodily injury due to the negligence of another, we urge you to call one of Bellevue’s top personal injury trial lawyers for a free no-obligation consultation about your personal injury case. Whether you are suffering from physical injuries caused by external factors or mental injuries caused by third-parties, you can always turn to Malcolm Law Firm PPLC and Bellevue’s personal injury attorney Sean Malcolm to help you get the maximum compensation for your injuries that the law allows.
Here are some reasons why you should consider discussing your accident and injuries with Bellevue personal injury attorney, Sean Malcolm:

Areas of Personal Injury We Can Help With

Malcolm Law Firm PPLC has experience in handling all sorts of physical personal injuries. Here is a list of all the injuries that Malcolm Law Firm PPLC can help with:

  • Car accidents
  • Bicycle accidents
  • Bus accidents
  • Mental trauma due to third parties
  • Dog bites
  • Drunk-driving accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Truck accidents
  • Wrongful death due to third parties

If you are suffering from any personal injury due to an accident not mentioned above, we still urge you to discuss the accident with Malcolm Law Firm PLLC and personal injury attorney Sean Malcolm. We can quickly share how we will be able to help you to receive the maximum compensation for injuries.

Generalized options

If you are looking for a personal injury attorney in Bellevue with specific experience and options, here are the three areas of expertise that we offer:

  • Auto accident claims – If you have been injured in a car accident, and you feel that a third party is responsible due to their negligence, letting our personal injury attorney help recover the medical expenses in addition to many other things causing you anguish.
  • Construction accident claims – Working in construction comes with all sorts of risks. Whether you are suffering from a crane accident or other work related injuries, our law firm can help.
  • Physical injuries – If something unfortunate happens to you, such as brain, spine, back, or neck injuries that render you unable to continue your life like before, we believe our personal injury law services can help your financial position.

Why you should consider our legal services

Getting into an accident is not uncommon. More than a million citizens get into all sorts of accidents in the United States every year. If you have sustained injuries from saccidents, perhaps getting someone who has experience in the courtroom would do you good. We will do our best to prove that the accident committed & injuries done is due to the negligence of the respective third parties. Here are some more reasons why you should consider our legal services:

Ready to fight for you inside and out of the courtroom

While some law firms and their attorneys are quick to settle without litigation, Sean B Malcolm is an aggressive and experienced courtroom trial lawyer ready to fight both inside and out of the courtroom. Sean B Malcolm is a top Bellevue and Kirkland personal injury attorney who understands how to fight for your rights both inside and out of the courtroom. Our personal injury law firm can help provide you with the justice you need and deserve.

Compensation for cases

In any personal injury case, you may be entitled to some sort of compensation. This is especially true if the accident causing injury happens due to the negligence of others. To help you understand this better, we have broken down the damages dealt into two forms:

  • Compensatory damage – the damage that can be compensated for, such as medical bills, therapy, lost wages, property damages, and other rehabilitation. In short, any financial, physical, or mental loss due to a personal injury is covered in compensation.
  • Non-compensatory damage – the damage that cannot be compensated for, as awarded by the court of competent jurisdiction. This includes punitive, exemplary, imaginary, or presumptive damage that can easily be neglected.

As long as your dilemma is real and the damage and/or injuries dealt is not imaginary, we can help your case and will seek the maximum compensation the law allows.

Important information about insurance companies

When you are met with an unfortunate accident, it is advised to stay at the scene where such an occurrence has happened until help arrives. When help arrives, you are advised to not talk directly to any of the other party’s representatives and this also includes your own insurance company representative. This is because anything you say can directly be used against you and can negatively affect your personal injury case.

In some cases, negligence in handling the problem swiftly can also quickly turn the law against you. Hiring an experienced courtroom trial lawyer will help you fight against this act and take the necessary legal action you rightfully deserve. We deeply understand how unfair all of this is, especially if you are the one who is greatly suffering from the stresses associated with the injuries.

Insurance companies are always looking at the bottom line and profit, even if it is from their long time clients. It is in the best interest of those who have been injured in an accident to contact an experienced Bellevue personal injury attorney as soon as possible.

Helping you take the claim to court

In many cases, insurance companies and the parties involved in the accident try to get the matter sorted outside of the courtroom. In many cases, getting the case settled outside is not only cheaper but also saves a lot of effort. This is the ideal case, but only when both parties agree to certain conditions.

However, in serious injury cases, you may want to take the case to court. Sean B Malcolm is a serious trial lawyer that can effectively represent your personal injury case inside and out of the courtroom.

Final Thoughts:

If you are suffering from any sort of personal injuries due to an accident that you believe was caused by the negligence of another or you believe that your health insurance should cover, you should call the Kirkland law office of Malcolm Law Firm PLLC. You can also visit our website and fill out our contact form and include details surrounding the accident and the injuries received.

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